About Us

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About Us

The story of Tamako Meal is a simple one - about a women who loved to cook. Her name was Tama, or Tama-ko as friends used to call her endearingly. Tamako was a mother, and like most mothers, she was loving and warm. In the centre of her world were her children, two daughters, and her time was spent taking care of them. When they were in school or out to play, her thoughts centred on what delicious yet nutritious food to make them. Tamako loved cooking and loved the look of joy on her children's faces when they ate the food she prepared.

Time went by, and one day Tamako found her nest empty. Her two daughters had left home to build their own homes. Tamako had nobody else to cook for and was sad. Then, something amazing happened. Her daughter became a mother. Even though she was so far away from home, Tamako decided that she would embark on an adventure to this unknown land to help her daughter.

Life in the new land was wonderful! Everyone loved Tamako's cooking. Her daughter's friends, her new extended family, and even her grandchildren's classmates would ask for Tamako's obentos, especially the yaki-sausages! It was then that Tamako decided that she should open a little shop so she could cook for even more people!

This all took place 20 years ago. The strange new land was Singapore. Tama is my grandmother and her heartfelt homely cooking has been passed from mother to child and mother to child again.

I hope to continue honoring my grandmother's and mother's vision of keeping the food at Tamako Meal homely, warm and delicious, just like the meals I used to have at home everyday.